Raptor conversions for the 2015-2019 F150 allow customers to choose V8 and Diesel engines!

In our continuing effort to bring unique and powerful engine options to Ford’s Raptor chassis, PaxPower introduces its latest creation: the Diesel Raptor! Featuring Ford’s 3.0-liter twin-turbo PowerStroke Diesel, the PaxPower Diesel Raptor boasts 550 ft/lb of pavement or dirt punishing torque! The Diesel Raptor starts life as a 2018-2019 F150 PowerStroke, and then receives PaxPower’s OEM Ford Raptor body, suspension, and chassis conversion. As with our V8Raptor, a 758-horsepower Supercharged Raptor with a 5.0L V8, the Diesel Raptor allows customers to have the aggressive looks and incredible off-road capabilities of the Ford Raptor, but with the engine of THEIR choice! While people love the technology, unrivaled ride quality, and appearance of the second-generation Raptor, few are completely satisfied with Ford’s choice of the 3.5L six-cylinder engine. Now, with PaxPower, prospective Raptor owners can have a V8 or Diesel powerplant!

The conversion is done using all new Ford OEM parts, from fenders to fasteners. The suspension is changed out to Raptor-spec upper and lower control arms, front axle shafts, steering links, brake lines, sway bar setup, leaf springs, hardware, and, of course, the Fox internal-bypass shocks. The body conversion includes the entire 2017+ Raptor front clip: fenders, hood, grilles, trim, flares and accent lighting. The bed is rebuilt with Raptor aluminum inner and outer bed sides, fender flares, and accent lighting. The chassis is finished off with OEM Raptor skid plates and the customers’ choice of bumpers, wheels, tires, or other upgrades.

The Diesel Raptor is upgraded with an engine calibration that raises power to 300 horsepower and 550 foot-pounds of torque, a gain of 80hp and 130 ft/lb! For those that require more power, additional intake and exhaust options are available. As with all PaxPower builds, endless custom accessories, such as wheels, tires, bumpers, lighting, bed covers, and graphics are available.
As for pricing, each Diesel Raptor build is specific to the customer’s taste and needs and range from a $7,450 Raptor suspension upgrade to $24,950 for the full conversion.

To make Diesel Raptor builds as easy as possible, PaxPower works with several Ford dealerships to not only source the truck at a great price, but also include the upgrades in the financing. This both makes the transaction simple and allows the customer to take advantage of excellent incentives and interest rates through the dealer. Once completed, the Diesel Raptor can ship from PaxPower’s Houston, Texas facility to anywhere Worldwide!

For more information, please visit www.V8Raptor.com or call 832-369-6852. The media is encouraged to contact PaxPower regarding testing opportunities.